Ixchel Marina Amor is a figurative artist who is well-known for her commercial artwork. From house portraits to her personal work, her love of mixed media is reflected in her commissions of various mediums. Ixchel Marina graduated from the INFA (National Institute of Fine Arts) in Mexico, or “La Esmeralda,” the school founded by Frida Kahlo. Being taught by Kahlo’s students at this school forged her desire to move on from this influence and immerse herself into a multi-faceted art form that has a universal message. Ixchel Marina’s formation and experience eventually guided her to spread her passion for art and mixed media to her students, which she has been doing for around 25 years in private schools and in her own art studio. By teaching her students techniques and the “how to,” she points out to them the endless possibilities in finding their own voice. Besides teaching, Ixchel Marina has held various art shows and has been awarded several prizes as well, including her most valued honorific mention: the UNESCO in Paris, France. In addition, she has been represented by the Misrachi Gallery in Mexico City and Chimmaya Gallery in Los Angeles.